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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the latest app version?

Please note we are regularly improving the system and will publish new versions of the apps. Typically, the new app...

Do I need to run the Corsano Trials app all the time?

Yes, this is very important. This applies on the iOS and on the Android app. When you (accidentally) close the...

How do I charge my bracelet?

If you don’t know how to charge you bracelet you can read this article.

Where should I wear my CardioWatch?

Please see this article on wearing the bracelet.

Am I using the latest firmware?

In order to check if you are using the latest firmware on the bracelet, please follow these steps: 1. Go...

Why aren’t the led’s blinking all the time on the CardioWatch?

You won’t see the led’s blinking all the time on the backside (the side which is turned to your arm)....