Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring

Detect and monitor health conditions

Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring

Corsano CardioWatch 287 is a wristband that tracks pulse rate, saturation, respiration rate and other parameters, like core body temperature and activity tracking and photophletysmography (PPG). Photophletysmography enables pulse rate, saturation, respiration rate monitoring and has the possibility to detect cardiac information even beyond the electrocardiogram, because the signals relate to pressure and volume of blood flow throughout the cardiac cycles. It is waterproof and a long battery life of up to a week. It is not limited to location or time window, and can be carried after discharge. In an embodiment of the device, data are automatically uploaded to a Health Cloud, with the so-called IL7 compatibility. The Corsano CardioWatch 287 data are related to clinical relevance and experience and are used to develop subsets for further analyses.

The Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet is the first-of-its-kind device to accurately and continuously measure heart rhythm with an easy-to-use device in ambulatory amd in-hospital settings, offering unique advantages:

Improved quality of data: continuous collection of patient data will provide a more accurate overview of core body parameters, especially compared to other device which solely measure at fixed timeslots, potentially missing critical data deviations and delaying diagnosis.

Higher ease-of-use: the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet is small, light and specifically designed to not feel burdening or uncomfortable to patients. In contrast, other devices for in-hospital and ambulatory measurement of health parameters are inconvenient. These require the need to sleep in fixed postures and more frequent charging of batteries. Bathing and showering is not possible either, while Corsano CardioWatch 287 is waterproof.

Long battery autonomy: the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet utilizes ultra-low power consumption because of its advanced technology requiring low-energy input and the lack of a display screen. On average, the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet requires battery charging every 7 days, whereas similar devices only have battery longevity of 1-2 days.

Elegant design: leveraging Corsano’s expertise in the Swiss Watch industry, the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet has an elegant and discrete that motivates its users wear it at all times (increasing user compliance). Current large devices for in-hospital and ambulatory monitoring may make patients feel uncomfortable and stigmatized, while the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet looks like a conventional, even fashionable Bracelet.

Validated Data

Two of our key values are that our technique is medically reliable and validated correctly. We consider validation to be of imminent importance to our product offering and believe our product is at the forefront of current market standards enabling application of the data generated by our products for medical purposes. As a focused company we develop and help to operate monitoring processes for our customers, clinical organisations, and their patients.  A number of articles have already been published in support of Corsano's and its partner's scientific approach. Moreover, Corsano is working closely with cardiologists, scientists, hospitals, patients and research organisations. The Corsano CardioWatch 287 is enrolled in multiple clinical trials to validate the functionality even more.

Vital Parameters

Detect and monitor health conditions and changes in physiology using our range of Vital Parameters, all collected via Corsano’s medical-grade bracelet.

Granular Flexibility

Corsano offers physicians to set which Vital Parameters should be monitored and at which frequency.