Pharmaceutical Companies

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Rich Data for Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies are a primary current customer of Corsano and use CardioWatch 287 in multiple clinical trials to collect objective data on a patient's health and behavior, which provides a more accurate picture of how the medicine is affecting the patient's health. CardioWatch provides more accurate data than traditional methods of data collection such as self-reporting or periodic monitoring by healthcare professionals. Corsano reduces the risk of errors and improve the reliability of the data collected. Corsano reduces the need for patients to visit a healthcare facility for subsequent visits, which can be particularly beneficial for patients who live far from the trial site or who have mobility issues.

Corsano enables pharma companies to design more efficient and effective trials leading to faster development of new medicines and better outcomes for patients.

Cardiac safety is a critical concern during clinical trials, as drugs can have unintended effects on the heart and cardiovascular system. Corsano’s CardioWatch continuous monitoring of vital signs can help detect potential cardiac adverse events and enable researchers to make more informed decisions about the safety and efficacy of the drug being tested.

Corsano CardioWatch is particularly useful in Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials when determining the efficacy and safety of new drugs in a larger patient populations.

Vital Parameters

Corsano CardioWatch 287-2 measures accurate and clinically validated Vital Parameters:

Pulse Rate: providing real-time data on Pulse Rate, Heart Rate Variability and detecting potential arrhythmias.

ECG: Corsano CardioWatch 287-2 includes an ECG sensor that can detect potential cardiac abnormalities, such as atrial fibrillation.

Saturation: a patient's SpO2 is an important vital parameter during clinical trials, as it provides information on a patient's respiratory function.

Blood Pressure: Corsano developed an optical non-invasive continuous blood pressure algorithm, providing accurate readings of both systolic and diastolic pressure. Download the paper via this link.

Physical Activity: Corsano CardioWatch 287-2 can track a patient's physical activity, including steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Sleep: Corsano CardioWatch 287-2 measures a patient's sleep patterns, including duration and quality of sleep. Sleep disturbances can be a side effect of drugs or therapies.

Raw Data

Corsano is one the few wearable companies offering high frequency raw PPG (photoplethysmography), ACC, BIOZ and ECG data. Pharma Researchers can analyze the timing and shape of the PPG waveform to identify abnormalities or irregularities in heart rate. Raw Data can be exported from the Research Portal.


Corsano offers a REST API integration that allows pharmaceutical companies to easily integrate the device's data into their proprietary data platforms. This integration enables efficient analysis of the data collected by CardioWatch 287, providing researchers with more complex analyses, such as machine learning algorithms or predictive modeling, to better understand the efficacy and safety of their drugs. The REST API integration also allows for real-time data transfer, reducing the risk of data loss or delays in analysis. 

Corsano helps streamlining the data collection and analysis process for pharmaceutical companies, providing them with more accurate and reliable insights into the safety and efficacy of their drugs.

Branded Applications

Corsano offers the development of branded applications for pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to run their clinical trials using their own customized apps. This approach can provide several benefits, including increased patient engagement and better compliance with the study protocol with features such as patient reminders, medication tracking, and symptom monitoring. Branded applications that feature the pharmaceutical company's branding, helps to build brand awareness and trust with patients. Using a branded application may also provide greater control and ownership of the data collected during the study.

Medical Digital Therapies

Clinical trials play a critical role in the development and validation of Medical Digital Therapies. Corsano collaborates with Pharmaceutical companies in all phases of development, validation and approval by regulatory bodies of Medical Digital Therapies.