Continuous Cardiac Monitoring.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Corsano Health B.V. is a health-tech company established in 2020 to develop, produce and market medically certified continuous health monitoring devices. The Corsano brandname is derived from in corpore sano (in a healthy body).

Its first product, the Corsano CardioWatch is an essential part of a cardiac arrhythmia screening system that can, by providing a simple and effective method for continuous monitoring of the user’s heart rhythm, help identify the risk of a heart attack in an early stage. In its most extended version, the system consists of a bracelet plus a dedicated app on the user’s smartphone. The system can assist the user with maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing immediate feedback on activity, sleep and heart rhythm data. Furthermore, smart analytics produce relevant data for timely detection of heart rhythm anomalies.

Corsano Health B.V. and its CardioWatch are in the process of becoming medically certified complying with ISO 13485 and CE-MDR standards.

Validated Data

Clinical evidence for multiple use cases. CE-MDR certification in process


 Built in close collaboration with clinical professionals. 

Flexibility to develop custom solutions

Patient friendly

Battery life 8-15 days.
Ergonomic and aesthetic designs that stimulate continuous wear

Security & Privacy

Secure and Private Health Cloud, GDPR, Anonymization

Clinical Precision

The VitalSigns Optical Library platform is based on Photoplethysmography (PPG) technology. This platform uses an optical sensor to measure blood volume variations and an accelerometer to track body motion. A proprietary algorithm extracts and processes the sensor data, factoring out body motion, pigmentation, and ambient light to produce highly accurate results. 

The high-quality patented PPG interface enables the device to accurately measure the following vital signs: 

  • Sleep (validated PPG-Based Sleep Staging – Jul. 2017)
  • A-Fib (CE Class IIa Certified algorithm Preventicus – May 2018)
  • Activity Type, Speed, Cadence (validated VSO ELAN – Nov. 2019)
  • BPM (in clinical validation CCN/AMC – Oct. 2020)
  • RR intervals (in clinical validation CCN/AMC – Oct. 2020)
  • Respiration Rate (algorithm in finetuning with Philips & University Hospital Basel – Nov. 2020)
  • SPO2 (algorithm in finetuning with Philips & University Hospital Basel – Jan. 2021)

The CardioWatch runs in its firmware, the medical-grade Philips VSO library, for accurate and reliable vital signs monitoring.

Atrial Filibration (A-Fib)

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common arrhythmia encountered in clinical practice, and its paroxysmal nature makes its detection challenging. Preventicus recorded 5 minute video files with the pulse wave extracted from the green light spectrum of the signal. RR intervals were automatically identified. For discrimination between AF and SR, we tested three different statistical methods. For discrimination between AF and SR, ShE yielded the highest sensitivity and specificity with 85 and 95%, respectively. Applying a tachogram filter resulted in an improved sensitivity of 87.5%, when combining ShE and nRMSSD, while specificity remained stable at 95%. A combination of SD1/SD2 index and nRMSSD led to further improvement and resulted in a sensitivity and specificity of 95%.