Continuous Cardiac Monitoring.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Corsano Health B.V. is a health-tech company developing, producing and marketing medically certified  devices for continuous in-hospital and remote patient monitoring. The Corsano brandname is derived from in corpore sano (in a healthy body).

The Corsano Cardiowatch Bracelet is the most patient friendly medically certified wearable with ergonomic and aesthetic designs for continuous wear (also during sleep), Swiss quality, long battery life of 8-15 days. Corsano’s offering is the basis of telehealth, for continuous monitoring of patients in multiple disease areas: cardiovascular diseases, oncology, stress related diseases, recovery, etc. Smart analytics produce relevant data for timely detection of heart rhythm anomalies. The Corsano Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet is medically certified, both device and platform EU-MDR certified, FDA 510K Q4 2022.

Corsano Health B.V. is medically certified complying with Annex IX (MDR) and EN-ISO 13485 standards. We are developing and manufacturing best-in-class remote vital health monitoring wearables that are both clinician and user friendly. We leverage strategic partners to develop, test and validate a medical wearable with reliable continuous measuring functions to detect and monitor heart, lung and mental diseases.

Validated Data

Clinical evidence for multiple use cases. ISO13485 and EU-MDR certified


 Built in close collaboration with clinical professionals. 

Flexibility to develop custom solutions

Patient friendly

Battery life 8-15 days.
Ergonomic and aesthetic designs that stimulate continuous wear

Security & Privacy

Secure and Private Health Cloud, GDPR, Anonymization, Swiss Made


Corsano Health offers the most patient friendly medically certified wearable with ergonomic and aesthetic designs for continuous wear (also during sleep), Swiss quality, long battery life of 8-15 days.

CardioWatch 287-2 is the only medically certified platform in the World offering:

  1. Eight certified Vital Parameters in one Medical Device
  2. Core Body Temperature with Fever Algorithm on wrist
  3. SpO2 on wrist
  4. Synch and access of raw PPG, ECG, ACC and BIOZ data
Medical grade, multi-sensor, convenient Cardiowatch 287-2 bracelet for continuous monitoring of cardio-respiratory functions.

EU-MDR CE Certified

The Cardiowatch Bracelet is a wireless remote monitoring system intended for continuous collection of physiological data in healthcare and home settings. Cardiowatch 287 is a CE medical device certified under EU-MDR standards. This includes heart rate, heart rate variability (R-R intervals), ECG, SpO2, Respiration, Core Body Temperature, Activity and Sleep. Data is transmitted wirelessly from the device via the application or gateway to a health cloud where it is stored and made available for further analysis.

Corsano Cardiowatch can include the ability to notify healthcare professionals when physiological data fall outside selected parameters.

The high-quality patented PPG interface enables the device to accurately measure the following vital parameters:

  • Sleep (validated PPG-Based Sleep Staging – Jul. 2017)
  • A-Fib (CE Class IIa Certified algorithm Preventicus – May 2018)
  • Activity Type, Speed, Cadence (validated VSO ELAN – Nov. 2019)
  • Heart Rate (validated CCN – Mar. 2021)
  • RR intervals (validated CCN – Mar. 2021)
  • Respiration Rate (validated Haaglanden Clinics – Jun. 2021)
  • SPO2 (validated CMC – Jun. 2022)
  • Core Body Temperature (validated GreenTeg – Mar. 2022)
  • Blood Pressure (in development Reinier de Graaf – Feb. 2023)

Use Cases


Diagnostic & remote medical monitoring 

Digital mental health & wellness

Contract Research Organizations


Hospital & ambulant patient monitoring

Remote monitoring & care, digital therapeutics, corporate well-being

Decentralized clinical trials for active pharmaceutical ingredients

Corsano is enabling clinical trials, in-hospital and remote patient care across the entire care continuum with our clinically validated and EU-MDR certified CardioWatch 287 platform (FDA pending).

Clinical Trials: Corsano is currently involved in 32 clinical trials – Cardiovascular, Oncology and Stress. Corsano’s medically certified wearables increase credibility of studies and prepare for medical digital therapies.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Corsano delivers continuous monitoring of vitals while post-discharge programs often rely solely on episodic vitals (spot measurements). Remote care-at-home programs deliver improved clinical outcomes, lower costs and better patient experience: 38% reduction in cost of care; 70% reduction in readmissions; 50% improvement in patient mobility

Intramural (In-Hospital) Monitoring: This is the solution where data from CardioWatch 287-2 is directly streamed to the Gateway (no need for phone app).


First, I wanted to let you and the Corsano team know how very impressed I am with your device.  I’ve tried out more wearable sensors than most people, and the CW287-2B is, by far, my favorite and most valuable.  Congratulations to your entire team for your vision and for delivering on that.  I believe your technology will have a significant impact on improving health across the globe.

Prof. Steven Steinhubl, MD – Purdue University


Corsano has made “Cooperation” one of the core values upon which the company commits to base all its relationships. To be successful in business and life, a relationship has to be a two way street with give and take. At Corsano, we believe in cultivating good working relationships with our partners. We don’t limit ourselves to a select few, but always attempt to find the best possible partners. Corsano develops and manufactures medical wearables for research and continuous patient monitoring, that is our core business. Our open strategy is to connect to partner platforms and systems via APIs. We provide access to raw and processed data to partners enabling them to offer a variety of healthcare services. As such, we deal with hospitals, CROs, associations and companies worldwide.

Large Research Projects

We participate in Europe’s research and innovation challenges where we collaborate with researchers in consortia with partners. Corsano Health’s CardioWatch is the preferred choice to measure vital parameters, both in raw data acquisition as well as validation clinical trials. We offer co-development of new features and algorithms to increase success of consortia applications. Recent awarded projects:


Project for a validated, energetically autonomous module that harvests from any source of light through a novel microchip, the PMIC developed by Nowi. Narrow-Band IoT chip (NB-IoT) will be integrated into the module for ubiquitous connectivity.


Clinical validation of a comprehensive care solution (‘WATCH-IT’) enabling 24/7 monitoring of cardio-respiratory function in patients at risk of cardiovascular (CV) events. Collaboration with Preventicus, Oslo University Hospital (OUH) and University of Gothenburg (GU).


Innovative solution to improve recognition and implementation of resuscitation assistance for patients with Cardiac Arrest. Development project in colaboration with RadboudMC to recognize Cardiac Arrest with Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet and alert emergency services.