We partner with leaders across the Research Community, Life Sciences, Healthcare and MedTech Industry to succeed in our vision to advance healthcare with continuous patient monitoring. Our advanced Research Platform speeds up the creation of biomarkers and the development of Medical Digital Therapies.


Accelerate Clinical Trials And Develop Life-Saving Therapies Faster

Corsano Health revolutionizes healthcare with its compact and lightweight medical patient wristband, backed by peer reviewed clinical validation and EU-MDR medical certification (FDA pending). Our AI analytics generate unparalleled insights for researchers and healthcare professionals.


Advance Healthcare With Continuous Patient Monitoring

Corsano provides continuous Ambulatory Monitoring that reduces healthcare expenses, improves clinical outcomes, and enhances patient experiences. Our CardioWatch System detects early patient deterioration and impending rehospitalization with a predictive accuracy comparable to implanted devices.

Patient Care

Lower Overall Healthcare Costs And Improve Clinical Outcomes

Continuous Patient Monitoring.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Real time patient monitoring platform, enabled by the world’s most advanced smart bracelet for continuous monitoring of vital signs, with un-restricted access to raw data for AI and ML development. AI analytics that generate unparalleled insights for researchers and healthcare professionals.

Clinical Validation

Validation of a novel cuffless
wristband for measuring
blood pressure according
to the regulatory standard

Chronic hypertension is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) [1]. However, obtaining reliable and reproducible cuff blood pressure (BP) measurements is challenging

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Smartphone and wearable
detected atrial arrhythmias
in Older Adults:
Results of a fully digital
European Case
finding study

The fully remote, investigator-initiated Smartphone and Corsano Health’s CardioWatch 287 wearable detected atrial arrhythmia ...

Clinical Validation

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The accuracy of heartbeat
detection using
technology in cardiac

This validation study showed that the Corsano 287 CardioWatch/Bracelet with PPG-technology can determine HR and RR-intervals with high accuracy in a cardiovascular patient population...

Clinical Validation

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est. 2019

Data Points

Devices Produced



Clinical Trials

Corsano CardioWatch

Cardiowatch is a wireless remote monitoring system intended for continuous collection of physiological data in healthcare and home settings. Cardiowatch is a CE medical device certified under EU-MDR standards and FDA 510(k) Cleared. This includes Pulse Rate, Heart Rate Variability (R-R intervals), ECG, SpO2, Respiration, Blood Pressure, Core Body Temperature, Activity and Sleep. Data is transmitted wirelessly from the bracelet via the application or gateway to a health cloud where it is stored and made available for further analysis.

Corsano Cardiowatch can include the ability to notify healthcare professionals when physiological data fall outside selected parameters.


CE-MDR Medical Certification 

FDA 510(k) Cleared

Validated Vital Sign algorithms

Proven platform in clinical research and patient care

State-of-the-art biomarker development: Hypertension, Cardiac Arrest, Immune Oncology, Frailty, Scepsis




Smallest and lightest patient
bracelet in the world

Long battery life

Single purpose device for long-term patient monitoring

Very easy to use

Proven with 10'000+ patients, incl. senior population and children



Best practices security,

Full flexibility to create studies, set parameters and sampling frequency

Multi parameter analytics

Compliance metrics

Easily export data

Data science support



Multi sensor:
    PPG G/R/iR

Granular high resolution Vital Signs and raw data available to researchers

Develop new algorithm with IP free data

Integration with any platform via APIs

Implementation research pipeline with automatic sync

Third party apps may pair and sync directly CardioWatch Bracelets via SDKs

Communicate directly with EPDs


Clinical Trials

Corsano is enabling clinical trials, in-hospital and remote patient care across the entire care continuum with our clinically validated and EU-MDR and FDA certified CardioWatch 287 System.

Corsano is currently involved in over 100 clinical trials – Cardiovascular, Oncology and Stress. Corsano’s medically certified wearables increase credibility of studies and prepare for medical digital therapies. Corsano’s involvement in important clinical trial research consortia accelerates the pace of medical research, enabling the discovery of new biomarkers and their clinical validation. 

Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring

Corsano CardioWatch 287 can monitor up to 19 Vital Parameters in real-time while post-discharge programs often rely solely on episodic vitals (spot measurements). Healthcare providers can develop personalized treatment plans that address the unique needs of each patient. Corsano can provide patients with real-time feedback on their progress, which can help motivate them to adhere to their treatment plan. Remote care-at-home programs deliver improved clinical outcomes, lower costs and better patient experience: 38% reduction in cost of care70% reduction in readmissions50% improvement in patient mobility

In-Hospital Monitoring

This is the solution where data from CardioWatch is directly streamed to the gateway (no need for phone app) and transferred to the hospital IT system, enabling central monitoring of patients and improved quality of work for nurses. By providing nurses with real-time information about their patients’ conditions, central monitoring can help ensure that patients receive appropriate care, treatment, and medication at the right time, leading to better overall outcomes.

Corsano offers an API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) to providers of remote patient monitoring platforms and researchers, which allows them to connect Corsano CardioWatch to their platform. The API and SDK enable to access the data collected by Corsano CardioWatch, including synching of raw PPG, ECG, ACC and BIOZ data.

Uninterrupted Ambulatory Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

CardioWatch is the smallest multi sensor medical bracelet to provide care in a patient’s home though continuous, remote monitoring

Detect impending rehospitalization with a predictive accuracy comparable to implanted devices

Studies indicate that patients experience improved outcomes with hospital-at-home services compared to conventional hospital stays

Early detection of patient

In-Hospital Monitoring

Patient deterioration between routine nurse observation rounds can go undetected for hours, resulting in severe and expensive outcomes. 

Corsano’s monitoring and smart algorithms provide reliable data to support clinical decisions and detect the earliest signs of patient deterioration.


First, I wanted to let you and the Corsano team know how very impressed I am with your device.  I’ve tried out more wearable sensors than most people, and the CW287-2B is, by far, my favorite and most valuable.

Congratulations to your entire team for your vision and for delivering on that.  I believe your technology will have a significant impact on improving health across the globe.

Prof. Steven Steinhubl
MD Purdue University

As a part of the DETECT consortium, our collaboration with Corsano has been instrumental in advancing technological solutions aimed at the early detection of cardiac arrest. This partnership is paving the way for significant breakthroughs that we believe will greatly enhance patient care and outcomes.

Niels van Royen, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiology, Head of Department, Radboud University Medical Center

Corsano understands the challenges we face in care, related to care burden and costs. CardioWatch offers automated vital signs monitoring and integrates data into health records, easing our nursing staff's workload. Our hospital effectively addressed implementation areas like data security and legalities. We're very pleased with our Corsano partnership.

Dr. Eelko Ronner, MD, PhD
Cardiologist, Delft, Netherlands

Our Partners

Corsano has made “Cooperation” one of the core values upon which the company commits to base all its relationships. To be successful in business and life, a relationship has to be a two way street with give and take. At Corsano, we believe in cultivating good working relationships with our partners. We don’t limit ourselves to a select few, but always attempt to find the best possible partners.

Corsano develops and manufactures medical wearables for research and patient care, that is our core business. Our open strategy is to connect CardioWatch to partner platforms and systems via APIs and SDKs. We provide access to raw and processed data to partners enabling them to offer a variety of medical research and patient care services. As such, we deal with hospitals, CROs, associations and companies worldwide.

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Large Research Projects

Corsano participates in Europe’s research and innovation challenges where we collaborate with researchers in consortia with partners.

Corsano Health’s CardioWatch is the preferred choice to measure vital parameters, both for the acquisition of raw data up to 128Hz, as well as validation clinical trials.

We offer co-development of new features and algorithms to increase success of consortia applications. Example of awarded projects:


Project for a validated, energetically autonomous module that harvests from any source of light through a novel microchip, the PMIC developed by Nowi. Narrow-Band IoT chip (NB-IoT) will be integrated into the module for ubiquitous connectivity.


Clinical validation of a comprehensive care solution (‘WATCH-IT’) enabling 24/7 monitoring of cardio-respiratory function in patients at risk of cardiovascular (CV) events. Collaboration with Preventicus, Oslo University Hospital (OUH) and University of Gothenburg (GU).


Innovative solution to improve recognition and implementation of resuscitation assistance for patients with Cardiac Arrest. Development project in colaboration with RadboudMC, ErasmusMC and UMC to recognize Cardiac Arrest with Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet and alert emergency services.