In-Hospital Monitoring

Early detection of patient deterioration

Once a patient has been admitted to a hospital, they will be checked on by the nursing staff every four hours (even during the night). With nursing teams being overworked and understaffed, manual checks of patient vital signs and manual data entry may lead to errors and omissions. Corsano’s CardioWatch eliminates the need for manual data entry by syncing patient vital sign data directly into the EHR system. In addition, Corsano’s CardioWatch enables a much more peaceful and comfortable experience for patients. Patients can move around freely as well as sleep through the night without interruptions, which has been proven to lead to faster healing. All this whilst having the reassurance that the physician is making the best possible treatment decisions based on Corsano’s CardioWatch clinically validated cardiac vitals and core body temperature data.

Continuous and reliable data collection is a major challenge in the medical field. Wearable medical devices promise convenient, efficient and long-term clinical trials based on the continuous capturing of biomarkers during every-day life of trial participants. The Real World Data can help to overcome challenges like the increasing burden of chronic diseases with personalized treatments and objective outcomes. Automation reduces patient burden, facilitates decentralized study setups and allows complying with increasing regulatory demands in an economically viable way.

Post-Operative Care

Tens of millions of patients undergo major surgeries worldwide each year, and the post-operative phase carries a high risk of complications. Although current standard care includes vital sign observations at regular intervals, patients often deteriorate between measurements to the extent that they require admission to intensive care and/or prolonged hospital stay.

Current hospital practice means patients need to remain in hospital post-surgery or return regularly after discharge for follow-up appointments.

Corsano’s CardioWatch provides accurate and continuous monitoring of patients following surgery. For example, Corsano’s CardioWatch Bracelet allows physicians to better assess the risk of sepsis or an anaesthetic-related apnea event, which can often lead to longer hospital-stays, readmissions, and higher costs for both the patient and the provider. The better data provided by CardioWatch also gives care teams the confidence to get patients moving sooner, leading to faster recovery and earlier discharge.

After a procedure, qualifying patients equipped with CardioWatch 287-2 Bracelet can leave the hospital and recover at home, knowing that their doctor has an eye on their wellbeing from afar. Post-Operative RPM may also cut down on the amount of time a patient might otherwise spend attending outpatient follow-up appointments.

Architecture for device data collection, storage and processing

Corsano offers an In-Hospital patient monitoring solution in collaboration with Cisco. Cisco's new Platform will enable linking of devices with standard hospital IT infrastructure worldwide. The platform can be extended to an out-patient monitoring solution to close the gap between in-house treatments and follow-up patient monitoring. With an open API they are integrated with the hospital's EHR system.

The infrastructure enables automated patient monitoring. Once the data is stored in the secure hospital databases (DB) it can be accessed by authorized personnel. Additionally, it is possible to integrate third-party analytics tools via application programming interface (API), creating an ecosystem for data analytics services while preserving the privacy of patients’ data. The system maintains an immutable audit trail and provides configurable workflows to comply with application specific regulatory requirements like GCP, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part11 or ISO 13485.

Corsano at CiscoLive

Cisco and Corsano closely collaborated on the new Cisco Platform for In-Hospital Monitoring of patients. The revolutionary solution was showcased at Cisco Live 2024. The Corsano Bracelet streamed Vital Signs over BLE to Cisco’s latest router live at the Cisco Live event. We are proud to be Cisco’s Wearable Partner.  

Cisco Live delivers education and inspiration to technology innovators worldwide through large-scale events, as well as on-demand education. It is the premier destination for Cisco customers and partners to gain knowledge and to build community.

Cisco and Corsano share a vision to advance healthcare with continuous patient monitoring.
Advantages are:

  • The Corsano Bracelet is lightweight, water resistant, and comfortable, allowing patients to wear it throughout the day without disruption
  • Cisco’s network expertise enables transfer of continuous patient data into the hospital IT system
  • We help to lower overall healthcare costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance the patient experience
  • We accelerate clinical trials and generate unparalleled insights to develop life-saving therapies faster