Medical grade, multi-sensor, convenient bracelets for continuous monitoring of cardio-respiratory function

The Cardiowatch Bracelet

Corsano offers a real time research platform, enabled by the world’s most advanced medically certified smart bracelet for continuous monitoring of vital signs, with un-restricted access to raw data for AI development. We manufacture medically accurate and EU CE MDR and FDA certified devices to monitor patients with health conditions, with a particular focus on cardiology and oncology. Devices have a user-friendly design that not only serves medical purposes but also that fits comfortably into patients' lives.

The bracelet monitor offers flexibility to set data collection intervals by minute, by second or 25Hz, 32Hz and 128Hz. We measure Heart Rate, RR intervals, Breathing Rate, A-Fib detection, SpO2, Core Body Temperature, ECG, Cufless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Activity and Sleep. 

The CardioWatch System is prescription only (Rx) for Patient Care use cases.

Real time cloud-based research platform with best practices security, GDPR and HIPAA.

Cuffless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

CardioWatch 287-2 enables noninvasive continuous monitoring of blood pressure. The Corsano Cuffless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure algorithm has been in development since 2019 based on arterial line and ABPM data recorded from over 500 patients. The Corsano Blood Pressure algorithm was validated according to ISO 81060-2:2019 and the AAMI/ESH/ISO collaboration statement “A Universal Standard for the Validation of Blood Pressure Measuring Devices” 2018. More...


Corsano Apps

Cardiowatch 287 is a medically certified wireless remote monitoring system intended for continuous collection of physiological data in home and healthcare settings. Corsano offers data via it's cloud platform or API/SDK solutions. Integration with the iOS and Android SDK enables that patient data remains completely private in our customers data analytics platforms. Researchers can set which Vital Parameters they would like to monitor and at which frequency.


Corsano offers access to all data, i.e. Raw PPG Green, Red and Infrared data can be exported via the Research Portal.
CardioWatch derives Vital Sign Analytics from multiple sensors: ACC, PPG G/R/iR, ECG, Temperature, GSR.
Click on image to download the relevant Cardiowatch 287 leaflet.

Validated data

Continuous vital sign data from wireless sensors in Corsano’s Bracelet with proven accuracy and clinical acceptance

Better data quality

Ergonomic form factor of Corsano’s Bracelet with wireless communication reduces motion artifacts and overcomes data loss due to cable detachment

Real-time, continuous algorithms

Early indications of deterioration allow simpler, more timely interventions


Enhanced early mobility

Corsano’s Bracelet is unobtrusive and allows freedom of movement and avoids confinement to a bed


Seamless transition from hospital to home

Transparent process with Device Hub. Continuous data acquisition to treatment physician

Corsano Cardiowatch 287-2 

EU CE MDR Medically Certified and FDA Cleared