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How to fix a Bluetooth connection issue on iOS?

If your connection status shows a red cross in between the CardioWatch and the mobile device as illustrated below, it means that your CardioWatch is disconnected from the Corsano app.

There are many possible causes for a disconnection.

To reconnect, please follow these instructions step by step until your connection is fixed.

  • Bring devices close

    It might be that your CardioWatch and your mobile device are too far away from each other, thus unable to communicate. Place your mobile device close to your CardioWatch.

  • Enable Bluetooth

    Please check that Bluetooth is turned on on your mobile device settings. It not, please enable it.

  • Charge your CardioWatch battery

    One of the reasons why your CardioWatch doesn’t communicate with your mobile device could be that its battery is flat.


Here is how to check if your CardioWatch 287-1B is discharged.

Press the pusher on the side of the bracelet. If no LED lights up, the battery is empty. Please charge your CardioWatch.


Here is how to check if your CardioWatch 287-2B is discharged.

Connect the charger to the CardioWatch. If you see the green LED on the side immediately blinking then your battery is not flat. Otherwise, please charge your CardioWatch.

  • Kill and restart the app

    If the connection status is still broken, then try to follow these steps.

  1. Force the Corsano app to quit:
    a. Open the app switcher on your mobile device by swiping up your finger from the bottom edge of the screen.
    b. Look for the Corsano app in the list.
    c. Swipe up the Corsano app to close it.
  2. Go to your phone settings, turn the Bluetooth off, then turn Bluetooth on again.
  3. Reopen the Corsano app.

Swipe up to close the app

  • Restart your mobile device

    Your connection is still not fixed? Please shut down your mobile device to reset the Bluetooth system. It is important to not select the restart option but completely shut it down. Then, restart your mobile device and open the Corsano app again.

  • Unpair and pair your CardioWatch

    If none of the above could fix your Bluetooth connection, then try to unpair and then re-pair your CardioWatch to your mobile device. Please see the related instructions in these articles.


Unpair your CardioWatch


Pair your CardioWatch

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