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iOS Troubleshooting – Bluetooth

If the connection between the bracelet and app is lost, a red “X” will appear:

To Reconnect, please follow these instructions:

1. Make sure your phone is nearby

2. Check if bracelet is charged

287-1B press pusher on the bracelet, if no LED lights up, the bracelet rechargeable battery is empty.

287-2B connect the bracelet to a charger, if you see more than 1 led burning, the bracelet was turned off. If you see 1 light directly blinking the bracelet was still turned on.

Please charge 4 hours

3. Force quit the app on your phone

4. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off and on again

5. Re-open the app

Note: Force Quit the App and Reopen it again enables reconnection in almost all cases.

If these steps did not reconnect, please proceed:

1. Shut down your phone (do not do restart; completely shut the phone off and turn it back on). This will fully reset the Bluetooth system in the phone

2. Turn your phone on again

3. Re-open the app

If none of the above did not resolve, you will need to re-pair your bracelet:

1. Go to watch settings in the app, scroll down to bottom and press Unpair

2. Go to Bluetooth settings, find 287B > Click Forget Device/Unpair

3. Force quit the app on your phone

4. Re-open the app

5. Follow pairing instructions

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