Charging 287-1B

The battery life of the bracelet is approximately four days. When notified, please put the charger on the bracelet for four hours.

1. Attach magnetic cable to back

2. Plug USB Cable in charger

3. Green PPG LED on back starts to blink

4. Green LED next to pusher starts blinking

5. Full when LED next to pusher is continuously green

The polarity of the magnets in the bracelet and the charger will ensure that the charger contacts will align.

Bracelet is charging when the green LED left next to pusher is blinking. When fully charged, green LED is on continuously until you remove the charger cable.

When you put down the bracelet with charger cable, it can come off easily when not placed flat on table. Contacts come off, but you may think that the bracelet is charging. Please check LED next to pusher, it must be blinking green.

Please check if the charger cable is attached well. Please put the bracelet flat on table (on on its side).

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