Patient ID

The silicon strap of the Corsano CardioWatch Bracelet has a rescessed area to attach a sticker with Patient information. We are also in discussion with hospitals to add RFID identification


Corsano CardioWatch Bracelets have an ergonomic design to stimulate 24/7 continous wear, particularly important for Hospital-to-Home Use Cases


We have started to assemble 5000 units of the Corsano CardioWatch Bracelet, to be used in various Clinical and Implementation Trials

Magnetic Charger 

Latest versions of the Corsano CardioWatch Bracelet have an easy to use magnetic charger solution with green and orange LEDs to indicate charging and pairing status


Corsano is studying various silicon straps, including 3M Coated Tissue Tape to attach patient information.

CardioWatch Bracelet 

The first 3D printed Corsano Bracelet were received in April 2020.


Corsano’s Bracelet has been developed with state of the art CAD-CAM software.


Initial design was created in January 2020.