Cuffless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Research Presented at American Heart Association 2023 Scientific Sessions

Dr. Eelko Ronner PhD presented study findings from a collaboration with Reinier de Graaf Hospital that found Cuffless NIBP resulted in accurate prediction of blood pressure based on an AI Pulse Wave Analysis model.


Validation of a novel cuffless photoplethysmography-based wristband for measuring blood pressure according to the regulatory standard

August 28, 2023, the Research Team of Reinier de Graaf Hospital presented results of the Corsano Cuffless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure at the ESC in Amsterdam. The study validated the novel cuffless photopletysmography (PPG)-based non-invasive wristband for continuous BP monitoring in accordance with ISO 81060-2:2019 and the AAMI/ESH/ISO collaboration statement “A Universal Standard for the Validation of Blood Pressure Measuring Devices” 2018.

Corsano Health launches Cuffless Blood Pressure

Corsano Health is launching the company’s CardioWatch EU-MDR certified patient monitoring bracelet with Cuffless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure at ESC in Amsterdam...

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Corsano & SepsisDialog won the 1st prize at healthcare hackathon

Sepsis is a life-threatening emergency. Under the leadership of Dr. Matthias Gründling, SepsisDialog has been working on the early detection and treatment of sepsis for about 30 years. Sepsis and septic shock are leading causes of death worldwide. Sepsis is defined as life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection. To improve the outcome and to relieve stationary care, Corsano was part of the price winning smart solution for early detection in patients at risk for sepsis at the normal ward / low care units...

Corsano Health signs collaboration agreement with Roche Diagnostics enabling clinical insights in point-of-care health settings

Corsano’s CardioWatch EU-MDR certified patient monitoring bracelet will connect to cobas® pulse, Roche's digitally enabled professional blood glucose management solution, combining multiple health applications in one device. Combining CardioWatch 287-2 with cobas® pulse will simplify workflows and equip healthcare professionals with valuable clinical insights to deliver better patient care.  

Corsano Health CardioWatch 287-2 EU-MDR Certified

Corsano Health is launching the company’s second-generation EU-MDR wearable device that accurately measures eight vital parameters and makes raw PPG and ACC data available for further analysis by third party medical algorithm developers.  

Parker Health x Corsano Health Partnership

Revolutionizing the use of patient centric data in correlating effective clinical outcomes. 

Corsano Health in RTL News

This technology should save thousands of lives: recognise cardiac arrests and sound an alarm. Corsano Health CardioWatch in Radboudumc Cardiac Arrest Clinical Trial.

Corsano Health: Revolutionizing Continuous Remote Health Monitoring

As the benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM) grow increasingly evident, wearable devices emerge as the revolutionary reformation of health assessment. Particularly when millions of heart attacks are recorded worldwide per year, the ability to continuously track patient data with RPM devices can help physicians predict future cardiac events more accurately and offer timely, preventative therapy or treatment.

Smartwatch should save thousands of lives: recognize cardiac arrests and sound an alarm

Corsano Health CardioWatch in Radboudumc Cardiac Arrest Clinical Trial

Every year, approximately 17,000 Dutch people suffer a cardiac arrest outside the hospital. 7000 to 8000 this happens without someone being there to alert the emergency services.  Radboudumc in Nijmegen and Corsano Health are now working on a special smartwatch. A first version of a wristband is already available at Radboudumc, says cardiologist and lead researcher Judith Bonnes. If patients have to undergo an operation in which the heart is stopped - for example when an ICD, a kind of pacemaker - is placed, they are given the band. “That measures exactly what happens in a cardiac arrest. We try to collect as much data as possible to properly program the wristband,” she explains.

Corsano Health Wins Call Heart Foundation

We are proud to announce that the Dutch Heart Foundation awarded Corsano Health a development project to recognize cardiac arrest and alert emergency services. Survival of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) depends on early recognition of Cardiac Arrest and initiation of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). To provide help as early as possible, we will develop a version of CardioWatch 287 bracelets that will signal a cardiac arrest and enable emergency services.

Medica 2021 Stand D24 Hall 12

Corsano Health is launching its CardioWatch 287 at MEDICA 2021. 

Corsano’s CardioWatch 287 accuracy of a state-of-the-art bracelet has been validated in six third party clinical investigations. The independent validations of Corsano Health’s CardioWatch 287 is important evidence to prove accurate measurement of five vital parameters. Moreover, Corsano offers access to raw PPG and ACC data for further analysis to academic researchers and contract research organizations. Corsano’s non-invasive ergonomic wearables deliver medically validate data with superior patient compliance. Additionally, patient satisfaction surveys conducted at the closure of the studies cite convenience and ease to use of the CardioWatch 287 devices.

Please visit us at Stand D24 Hall 12.

Corsano Health Receives EU-MDR Certification

Notified Body DARE!! Services B.V. declares that it has audited the quality assurance system in accordance with MDR Annex IX and that the relevant provisions of the Regulation 2017/745 dated May 5, 2017 concerning Medical Devices are fulfilled. The validity of the certificate is three years and includes the surveillance obligations of Annex IX, section 3. CardioWatch 287 is covered by the certificate and may bear the CE marking using the Notified Body number “1912”.

Medical Certification

We are happy to announce that Corsano Health B.V. is medically certified complying with Annex IX (MDR) and EN-ISO 13485 standards.

Accuracy of heartbeat detection

Elsevier's Journal of Electrocardiology just published a validation study that showed that the Corsano 287 CardioWatch/Bracelet with PPG-technology can determine HR and RR-intervals with high accuracy in a cardiovascular patient population, with high quality output in different subgroups, especially when combined with a signal quality indicator.


Corsano CardioWatch is a wrist worn medical grade multi sensor bracelet to capture vital parameters. Primary use cases are 24/7 continuous clinical trials and remote patient monitoring. See the movie here to learn more about the capabilities of our bracelet, the technology and the efficient ways to retrieve data.

CardioWatch 287-1 is in the final stages to be CE medically certified and we have started the process for FDA Clearance. Bracelets are now available as investigative device.

AFNET Clinical Trial

Corsano shipped 2000 CardioWatches 287-1 as Investigative Devices for the AFNET 9 study. The Smart in OAC – AFNET 9 study is testing whether unknown atrial fibrillation (AF) can be detected via an app and a monitoring bracelet. It is the objective to detect AF at an early stage using modern technologies. The number of newly detected, previously unknown episodes of atrial fibrillation and the effectivity of the program will be evaluated.

Corsano Trials

Corsano Trials iOS and Android Applications are now available in Beta! We ship CardioWatch 287-1 as an Investigative Device and accept orders for our Evaluation Package.

Corsano CardioWatch is a wrist worn medical grade multi sensor bracelet to capture up to 8 vital parameters. Primary use cases are 24/7 continuous clinical trials and remote patient monitoring.

Researchers can set vital parameters and the sample frequency from the Settings Menu. Date is saved to Corsano's Health Cloud and available for easy download in CSV, JSON and PDF format. Alternatively, data can be accesed via our API.


Patient ID

The silicon strap of the Corsano CardioWatch Bracelet has a rescessed area to attach a sticker with Patient information. We are also in discussion with hospitals to add RFID identification


Corsano CardioWatch Bracelets have an ergonomic design to stimulate 24/7 continous wear, particularly important for Hospital-to-Home Use Cases


We have started to assemble 5000 units of the Corsano CardioWatch Bracelet, to be used in various Clinical and Implementation Trials

Magnetic Charger 

Latest versions of the Corsano CardioWatch Bracelet have an easy to use magnetic charger solution with green and orange LEDs to indicate charging and pairing status


Corsano is studying various silicon straps, including 3M Coated Tissue Tape to attach patient information.

CardioWatch Bracelet

The first 3D printed Corsano Bracelet were received.


Corsano's Bracelet has been developed with state of the art CAD-CAM software.


Initial design was created after extensive discussions with physicians and stakeholders.