How to recover from a failed firmware update?

The process of updating the firmware of a CardioWatch is very reliable, but it still might happen that it fails. This is mostly due to the breaking of the Bluetooth connection between the CardioWatch and the phone, for instance when you move away from your phone or disable the Bluetooth before the end of the update process.

This is why it is very important to keep your CardioWatch close to your phone with Bluetooth enabled during the whole process to ensure that the communication between both devices doesn’t get interrupted before the process can be complete.

If your CardioWatch doesn’t seem to be working anymore after a DFU process, or if you got an error message from the app during a firmware update, don’t worry, it is possible to recover from this state.

The Corsano app has a recovery system that will automatically detect that the last firmware update could not succeed on your CardioWatch. In this case, the app will propose to start a new DFU and you simply need to accept by clicking on the dedicated button. Please follow the instructions on your phone and wait for the process to end: this might take a couple of minutes.

What if the app doesn’t propose the recovery?

In this case, please follow these steps:

  1. Put your CardioWatch on the charger.
  2. Put your phone next to your CardioWatch, with Bluetooth enabled.
  3. Force close the app and reopen it. Find help for this step on Android or iOS.
  4. The auto-recovery process should now occur: follow the instructions on your phone.

Note that if the green LED of your CardioWatch is blinking when it is on the charger, but the app doesn’t connect to it, this might not be a DFU issue. Please refer to the pairing article, or have a look at the connection troubleshooting article.


DFU recovery on Android with Corsano app already installed

DFU recovery on Android after (re)installing Corsano app

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