Getting started with the Corsano System

Getting Started

Welcome to the information page for the Corsano System.

If you are a patient, please goto Instructions for Patients.

If you are evaluatiing the system as a Physician, first step is to create an Admin Account. With the Admin Account you will subsequently access the Patient Portal. Please consider who will administer the Corsano System. Please proceed to Onboarding for Physicians.

Onboarding for Physicians

Below, you'll find the guidelines for utilizing the Corsano System.



Tutorial Movie

Setup System

Review Patients

Please enter portal.corsano.com to login to the Patient Portal and review your patients.

For the Research Portal with ability to export Raw data, please enter study.corsano.com. Read more on data here.

Corsano Web Portal

Instructions for Patients

Below, you'll find the guidelines for utilizing the Corsano Ssytem as a patient.



Tutorial Movie

Register with QR Code

Register with Voucher Code

Register with Email


ECG Measurement

Blood Pressure Measurement

For Frequenty Asked Questions, please check the Knowledge Base

Instructions for Use (IFUs) can be found here

Please feel free to contact us anytime for support