Articles in support of Corsano’s scientific approach.

Ensuring data compliance in remote patient monitoring

Ensuring patient data compliance poses a significant challenge in remote patient monitoring within both healthcare settings and decentralized clinical trials.

Corsano CardioWatch Impact Framework

The ABPM scenario focuses on the impact of using one medical bracelet instead of the ABPM system, in the United States and Europe.

Innovative Horizons in Hypertension Monitoring: Corsano’s CardioWatch 287-2 System

Corsano’s CardioWatch 287-2 is a transformative solution for hypertension monitoring, highlighting its potential to replace traditional 24-hour ABPM.

Cardiac Surveillance in the Digital Age

Atrial arrhythmias in older adults present significant healthcare challenges. This paper evaluates the efficacy of Corsano CardioWatch, a remote patient monitoring (RPM) tool, in detecting atrial fibrillation.