Ensuring data compliance in remote patient monitoring

Ensuring patient data compliance poses a significant challenge in remote patient monitoring within both healthcare settings and decentralized clinical trials. Some of the most common issues include technological complexity, alignment with lifestyle, physical constraints, and occasional forgetfulness. Corsano offers many solutions to monitor patient data compliance in real time such as a monitoring dashboard and a dedicated app.

Patient Compliance Monitoring Dashboard

Minimum daily datapoints can be set for the Activity File (includes a.o. Pulse Rate, Respiration rate, SpO2), Sleep and raw PPG

Compliance Overview

Centralized view across all patients or subjects, Daily compliance levels over time.

Device Engagement

Device activity level per patient, daily email alert.

Patient Status Indicator

Patient-by-patient activity status.

Patient Compliance On HCP Application

Supporting improvements across patient pathway

Access to real-time data may support continuous improvement of patient outcomes through data compliance.

Monitor your patients remotely

Real-time patient monitoring can provide opportunities for early detection of complications or infection.

Efficient Healthcare Delivery

Data compliance monitoring streamlines healthcare delivery by reducing wait times, eliminating unnecessary travel, and minimizing administrative tasks. It improves the efficiency of healthcare providers, allowing them to see more patients and allocate their time and resources more effectively.