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Unpair your CardioWatch – Android

Do you need to give your CardioWatch back ? Or do you need to switch it for another one?
Here is how to unpair your CardioWatch from your phone.

Corsano app

Unpair a CardioWatch

Open the Corsano app and select the main menu in the top left corner

Step 1

Select My bracelet

Step 2

Scroll down and click Manage Devices

Step 3

Look for your CardioWatch on the list of devices and select Unpair the bracelet
Note that the same process apply to both 287-1B and 287-2B

Step 4

Confirm your choice by clicking Unpair

Step 5

Click on Start now to complete syncing all your data and end your participation to the study.

Step 6

Please wait for the end of the sync.

Step 7

Once the sync is complete, click Ok to unpair the bracelet.

Step 8

Your CardioWatch has been successfully unpaired

Step 9

Android settings

If you have already uninstalled the Corsano app, you can still unpair your bracelet from the Bluetooth settings of your phone.

Open your phone settings and go to the Connections menu

Select Bluetooth

Look for your bracelet in the list of Paired devices

Click on the cog icon next to the bracelet name, to edit the pairing settings of the bracelet

Select Unpair

The bracelet is now unpaired

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