Sleep tracking

Sadly, we have to deal with having trouble sleeping and having a restless night from time to time. However, it can be challenging to determine what factors influence a good or bad night’s sleep. This sort of important data engages you to assume command over your rest and upgrade your rest insight.

Corsano Trials can also track your sleep. In order for this to work perfectly it’s important to set up the right settings. Please follow the steps below.

Please go to to setup the right Vital Parameters setting and enable sleep tracking. If you don’t know how to change your vital parameters you can check out this tutorial: Change Vital Parameters

Make sure the sleep parameter is not disabled. Choose “Bedtime-Risetime” or “Continuous”.

Once you have done this. It’s important to also set the right settings in the app.

To do this, open the Corsano Trials app, go to menu and set the right bedtime and risetime.

Press on sleep preferences as below.

You can change your bed and rise time here.

You are all set now. At the end of every sleep session you should automatically get a push message saying your sleep is processed and is ready to view. The result will be shown in the app under the “sleep” tab. We provide you with the amount of minutes per sleep stage, your sleep performance, tranquility and consistency. Also a trend is showing in how long you slept for the last 7 days.

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