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Respiration Rate (BRPM)

The Respiration Rate is the number of breaths a person takes per minute (BRPM). Corsano Bracelet utilizes a proprietary time-frequency algorithm to extract the respiratory-induced intensity, amplitude and frequency variation signals from the photoplethysmography (PPG) signal.

The accelerometer (ACC) is used to compensate for movement artifacts. PPG and ACC are measured at 32Hz and data is processed by the algorithm to give a new reading of Respiration Rate every 28 seconds applying averaging to smooth pulse rate data and prevent inappropriate and transient artifacts from affecting stability of results.


The accuracy of Corsano Bracelet Respiration Rate measurement was determined by Complementair Medisch Centrum (CMC) Europe, Belgium in accordance with ISO 80601-2-55.


Bland Altman RR vs Capnograph

Specification of Respiration Rate

Sensing MethodPPG, ACC
Measurement Range6 brpm – 60 brpm
Resolution1 brpm
BiasOverall: 0.03 (0.02 – 0.04) brpm
Upper LoAOverall: 1.82 (1.81 – 1.83) brpm
Lower LoAOverall: -1.76 (-1.77 – -1.75) brpm
Data Update Period28 seconds
Apnea DetectionNo
Laying in supine position+/- 1 Arms
Laying in prone position+/- 2 Arms
Laying on the side+/- 1 Arms
Sitting 90° position+/- 2 Arms
Sitting 45° position+/- 1 Arms
Standing upright+/- 3 Arms
Shallow and fast breathing+/- 1 Arms
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