The physiological phenomenon known as heart rate variability, or HRV, is the variation, measured in milliseconds, that occurs between two consecutive heartbeats. When observing the milliseconds between heartbeats, a normal, healthy heart exhibits constant variation rather than a metronomic rhythm. Even though these fluctuations can’t be seen without specialized equipment, they can still be a sign of upcoming or current health issues, like heart problems or mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

The Corsano Cardiowatch provides you insights on your HRV & RR intervals via the study portal. We can also provide you with the raw RR intervals for your own research.


Please go to, select your study and select your patient or voucher. Then go to HRV.

* click on the image for better quality

Here you can find the artifacts which are found in the data from the Cardiowatch.

RR intervals insights

If you scroll down from the artifacts, you can find more insights and plots on the RR intervals returned from the Corsano Cardiowatch.

Export raw RR intervals

When you are on the HRV tab on the study dashboard, you can press on export on the top right. Here you can select RR intervals as an export option.

See this link on an example export: download here

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