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Update your CardioWatch firmware

The Corsano app periodically checks if a new firmware is available for your CardioWatch. This ensures that your bracelet is always up to date.

Firmware update process

From time to time, the Corsano app will propose you to update the firmware of your CardioWatch. The app will automatically detect when a new version is available and prompt you to update it. It is strongly recommended to apply all the proposed updates.

The process of updating the firmware, called Direct Firmware Update (DFU), takes a couple of minutes. During this time, it is very important to keep your CardioWatch and mobile device close to each other, to ensure that there is no Bluetooth disconnection.

Firmware version

You can check which version of firmware is running on your CardioWatch. Here are the steps to follow depending on your mobile operating system.




Anyway, if anything goes wrong, there is a recovery process in the app that will fix your CardioWatch.

So if you get an error message at the end of the software update stating that the CardioWatch did not reconnect to the app, you can simply close the app and reopen it.

When starting up, the app will automatically detect that your CardioWatch failed to update and apply a fix.

Not sure how to close your Corsano app? Check one of the articles below.



Recover from failed DFU

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