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Medical grade, multi-sensor, convenient bracelets for continuous monitoring of cardio-respiratory function
State of the art PPG sensor with two diodes and Green/Red/Ir LEDs
One lead ECG, GSR-EDA, Heatflux sensor
Multi sensor algorithms for precise monitoring
Validated data
Continuous vital sign data from wireless sensors in Corsano’s Bracelet with proven accuracy and clinical acceptance
Better data quality

Ergonomic form factor of Corsano’s Bracelet with wireless communication reduces motion artifacts and overcomes data loss due to cable detachment

Real-time, continuous algorithms
Early indications of deterioration allow simpler, more timely interventions
Enhanced early mobility
Corsano’s Bracelet is unobtrusive and allows freedom of movement and avoids confinement to a bed
Seamless transition from hospital to home
Transparent process with Device Hub. Continuous data acquisition to treatment physician


Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring
Monitor pulse rate, saturation, respiration rate and other parameters, like core body temperature and activity tracking and photophletysmography (PPG). Photophletysmography enables pulse rate, saturation, respiration rate monitoring and has the possibility to detect cardiac information even beyond the electrocardiogram
Validated Data
Clinical evidence for multiple use cases. ISO13485 and EU-MDR certified
Built in close collaboration with clinical professionals.
Flexibility to develop custom solutions
Patient friendly
Battery life 8-15 days.
Ergonomic and aesthetic designs that stimulate continuous wear
Security & Privacy
Secure and Private Health Cloud, GDPR, HIPAA Compliant, Anonymization, Swiss Made

Clinical Mobile Apps

Corsano developed various custom applications that enable easy data acquisition with Corsano’s medical-grade bracelets in hospitals and research centers.

Easy data acquisition
Fully customizable
Continuous sync with the Bracelet and the Cloud

iOS and Android SDK available

Patient data fully secured and anonymised

Research Portal

Data can be accessed via our Research Portal. Data can be exported for multiple days for all subjects from the Study Page and for an individual user for each Vital Parameter from the Patient Page.


Built to perform.

Corsano is enabling clinical trials, in-hospital and remote patient care across the entire care continuum with our clinically validated and EU-MDR certified CardioWatch 287 platform (FDA pending).

Clinical Trials

Currently involved in 40+ clinical trials - Cardiovascular, Oncology and Stress.

Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor up to 19 Vital Parameters in real-time.

In-Hospital Monitoring

Corsano’s CardioWatch eliminates the need for manual data entry by syncing patient vital sign data directly into the EHR system.

What the people think about us

Will Poot
Will Poot
Unmatched raw data quality and connection reliability for use in a research study setting!
Abdula Ali
Abdula Ali
Comfortable to wear, gives alerts for an ECG measurement. The app gives accurate rate of the heart rate. Very recommended.
Philippe Fraboulet
Philippe Fraboulet
Incredible number of body metrics in this small and elegant wrist wearable device (Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, Activity, Sleep, SpO2, HRV, Temperature, ECG, etc.). Corsano Health also did a tremendous work to validate it and obtain the CE MDR certification for its CardioWatch device. It is nice and comfortable, ideal for continuous wearing. The APP is easy, smooth and comprehensive. Beautiful charts show numerous health parameters, give trends, provide insights to prevent disease and improve health condition. It is the perfect companion for healthy life. On top of it, the devices are developed and manufactured in Europe by an open and ethical company, ensuring data security and privacy. Thank you Corsano Health !
Aletta Stas
Aletta Stas
Every morning, I look forward to reviewing my sleep quality and HRV data. The sleep tracker offers detailed insights into my sleep duration and stages. With HRV I am understanding my body's response to stress and recovery. Thank you Corsano!
Robert van Pappelendam
Robert van Pappelendam
The medical precision of the Corsano platform (device + tracking cockpit & IA functionality) and the ability to have full access to the raw data has been an amazing enabler of research at incredible value. Can’t wait to see how this further evolves and unlocks new insights & use cases for Healthcare at large!
Steven Steinhubl
Steven Steinhubl
I can’t say enough good things about Corsano Health. We had >20 universities students wear one for a semester for a “Wearables in Healthcare” course. The devices, data platform, and Corsano team exceeded expectations in every way. I’ve worn mine every day for ~ a year and I highly recommend.

Trusted and used by many Partners.