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Welcome to the information page for the Corsano AFib Solution. Please contact Henry Kuper for any questions at +31 6 51 75 61 05 or henry.kuper@corsano.com.

The Corsano AFib Solution for the detection of arrhythmias, specifically atrial fibrillation (AFib), involves AI-based arrhythmia diagnosis based on PPG and one-lead confirming ECG. Corsano's advanced health data analytics technologies improve the screening, diagnosis, and management of patients with AFib.

The Corsano AFib Solution is powered by the world’s most advanced multi-sensor bracelet for noninvasive, clinical-grade, long-term continuous monitoring of AFib. It features an AI algorithm that detects AFib and calculates an AFib burden estimate. The solution aims to address the clinical workflow, care pathways, and the patient experience, offering a prescription-based solution. The Corsano AF Solution targets a significant, underserved population at risk for asymptomatic or "silent" AFib, which is often undiagnosed until a cardiac event such as a stroke occurs. The solution is a cost-effective and noninvasive continuous monitoring solution.


Presentation NVVC Congress

Dr. Eelko Ronner PhD and Henry Kuper MSc. RN, CRNA will present the Corsano AFib Solution at the NVVC Jubileumcongres - 90jaar, 4 en 5 april 2024. Please also find a short brochure on the Corsano AFib Solution.

NVVC Presentation

Brochure Corsano AFib Solution

NVVC Offer

Corsano CardioWatch 287-b wristbands per hospital society per month
Corsano List price € 55,00 per bracelet per month
Introduction price discount @ NVVC 90 Yr Jubilee!

Utilize reimbursement code (code NZA 039133) for telemonitoring, eg heart rhythm detection and atrial fibrillation monitoring. This code is already insured by all health insurance companies; no separate contracts are required. The corresponding rate per patient can be applied: €168.06 with a maximum of €184.87.

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