Corsano at CiscoLive

Cisco and Corsano closely collaborated on the new Cisco Platform for In-Hospital Monitoring of patients. The revolutionary solution was showcased at Cisco Live 2024. The Corsano Bracelet streamed Vital Signs over BLE to Cisco’s latest router live at the Cisco Live event. We are proud to be Cisco’s Wearable Partner.  

Cisco Live delivers education and inspiration to technology innovators worldwide through large-scale events, as well as on-demand education. It is the premier destination for Cisco customers and partners to gain knowledge and to build community.

Cisco and Corsano share a vision to advance healthcare with continuous patient monitoring.

Advantages are:

The Corsano Bracelet is lightweight, water resistant, and comfortable, allowing patients to wear it throughout the day without disruption
Cisco’s network expertise enables transfer of continuous patient data into the hospital IT system
We help to lower overall healthcare costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance the patient experience
We accelerate clinical trials and generate unparalleled insights to develop life-saving therapies faster