Clinical Trials

Supporting Clinical Trials

Clinical trial applications are a core competence of Corsano. It is in use for medical device validations in remote study settings, medical research and the validation of treatments in hospitals.

Corsano developed a Research Portal for physicians and researchers. It will connects researchers with patients in a way that makes care convenient and accessible from anywhere. Built on our cloud-based network, Corsano’s application creates a seamless experience across web, mobile, or desktop.

The application enables administration of wearables and data before, during and after clinical trials. It provides workflows for study nurses to onboard patients, manage the device fleet and monitor the status of devices, gateways, data streams and patient compliance.

Incoming data is automatically assessed regarding quality and plausibility. Thereafter, it is reliably stored including metadata like the participant ID, sensor hardware, sensor settings and firmware version. Other metadata can be defined as required. An immutable log trail of system events ensures transparency and auditability.

Processing pipelines allow you to deploy your own algorithms to analyze and transform data streams. Alternatively, you can access or export the stored data via API to analyze it with your tool of choice.

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