Bone metastases represent a common complication in cancer patients, particularly in advanced stages of the disease. The presence of bone metastases can cause skeletal-related events, such as bone pain, pathological fractures, spinal cord compression, and hypercalcemia. Therefore, it is essential to monitor bone strength to evaluate the risk of fracture and optimize treatment strategies. Realtime monitoring of activity and feedback to patient what activity they can do will reduce risk of fracture.

Study Design
The BOS (Bone Quality Score) is a numerical score developed by researchers from the University of Twente and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) to evaluate bone quality in patients with bone metastases. The score was developed by Esther Tank and Nico Verdonschot. The BOS score takes into account several factors that affect bone strength, including bone mineral density, cortical thickness, and the presence of lytic or sclerotic lesions. The score ranges from 0 to 10, with higher scores indicating better bone quality. The BOS score has been shown to be a reliable and valid tool for evaluating bone quality in patients with bone metastases. It can be used to guide treatment decisions and predict the risk of fracture. Follow-up study with Corsano cardioWatch 287-2 will determine how much a patient can load their femur. Aim is to measure activity/functional capacity of patients and what exercises are safe to do for patients with femoral bone metastases.

Study Centre
University of Twente and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands

Start time, Duration
Start: Q4 2023

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Corsano Cardiowatch Bracelets enable continuous monitoring with multiple algorithms. Corsano is working closely with cardiologists, scientists, hospitals, patients, and research organisations.  Scientific research demonstrates the legitimacy of Cardiowatch 287 algorithms. 

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Corsano CardioWatch is a wrist worn medical grade multi sensor bracelet to capture up to 19 vital parameters. Primary use cases are 24/7 continuous clinical trials and remote patient monitoring.  
The bracelet monitor offers flexibility to set data collection intervals by minute, by second or 25Hz, 32 Hz or 128 Hz. We measure Heart Rate, RR intervals, Breathing Rate, A-Fib detection, Skin Temperature, Activity and Sleep. SpO2, Core Body Temperature, ECG and Blood Pressure are in development.  
Clinical accuracy is paramount for us. In addition to third parties' algorithms, i.e. from Philips, we run our proprietary algorithms to realize superior data accuracy. Corsano technology has been clinically validated in major academic hospitals. The bracelet is manufactured under ISO 13485 and CE-MDR compliance. The process for FDA Clearance has started. 
Our end-to-end solution consists of light-weight and comfortable bracelets with a patient research portal. We have developed and produced over 200’000 devices. The Corsano platform has been optimized on connections, data buffers and battery life up to 15 days. We offer access to raw continuous high frequency data through API and cloud-to-cloud solutions. 

The founders of Corsano Health have over 100 years of experience in the Swiss Watch industry, with deep experience about ergonomic design and materials for wearables that are worn 24/7.