Validation Corsano Steps Algorithm (Abstract)

Comparison measured steps per minute determined by the Cardiowatch with steps per minute determined with the Actigraph CENTREPOINT Insight Watch.  Single center prospective observational study collecting PPG and accelerometer data in a real world setting.  For the individual participants, study duration was between 1 and 5 days, depending on their preference. PPG and accelerometer data were collected during normal daily activities performed, including skiing.

Methodology: To assess the Cardiowatch step counting accuracy based on a custom Corsano Health algorithm. To do so the amount of steps per minute determined by the CW2 using both algorithms were compared to the amount of steps determined by CE/FDA certified Actigraph CENTREPOINT Insight Watch.

Measurements were performed in 14 adult healthy volunteers of the cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery department of the Radboudumc. After obtaining informed consent, participants wore the Cardiowatch 287-2 wristband (equipped with an accelerometer and PPG sensors) on the left or right wrist. Reference measurements were performed using the Actigraph watch on the opposite wrist.

Results: Overview of statistical analysis of amount of counted steps by Cardiowatch 287-2 using the Corsano Health algorithm compared to the Actigraph reference.




Bias  (+95% CI)



(0.6, 0.7)

95% LoA  (+ 95% CI)



(-2.5, -2.4)

95% LoA  (+ 95% CI)



(3.7, 3.8)

Edgar R.1, Ebrahimkheil K. 2, Bonnes J.L.1

1. Department of Cardiology, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
2. Corsano Health, The Hague, the Netherlands