If you cannot pair a bracelet or re-pair a bracelet, please carefully follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings in the OAC App and scroll to the end:

2. Check if unpaired. If not, please click on [Unpair the bracelet].

Make sure that the bracelet succesfully unpairs. The bracelet is now unpaired from the App, but you also need to unpair still from the mobile phone OS.

3. Got to Bluetooth Settings on your mobile phone:

4. Click on the icon and [Unpair] the bracelet. Note: it is important that the bracelet is no longer listed as a paired device under Bluetooth Settings. This is one of the most common issues if a bracelet cannot be re-paired.

5. Force quit the app on your phone

6. Re-open the app

7. Try to pair again, normally you can now pair

8. If not, please contact support


Note:  If the bracelet does not react when you push the crown, the pusher may be broken. Please contact support.