The connection between the measurement bracelet and your smart device is established via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is necessary to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone (please refer to the instruction manual of your mobile phone).

The bracelet was sent to you in shipping mode. To wake-up the bracelet, please put it on the charger for 2 hours.

  1. Attach magnetic cable to back
  2. Plug USB Cable in charger
  3. Green PPG LED on back starts to blink
  4. Green LED next to button starts blinking
  5. Full when LED next to button is continously green

The polarity of the magnets in the bracelet and the charger will ensure that the charger contacts will align.

Make sure that the charger cable is properly attached, see the movie and images on the Charging Page.

Please start pairing and follow the instructions.

Before you start pairing, please agree to to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and press start pairing.

The app will ask you to put the bracelet on the charger so the bracelet will not run out of battery during pairing.

We will now start searching for a device, this will take a few seconds.

Once the device is found, please confirm by pressing the button.

Please see the video below for more information.

Please press the pusher as in the video above. If it is succesfull the orange light will start blinking.

If you see the orange line showing up but not blinking it means that the bracelet is still connected to another phone. Please unpair via de settings in your phone.

The app will display the Serial Number found. Please double check the S/N on the device and click Confirm.

You will be reminded to type 999999 (six times 9) on the Bluetooth pairing screen

Please type 999999 and press pair

The bracelet will start connecting and will be succesfully paired afterwards.

Thank you for participating in the Smart in OAC – AFNET 9 study!