We have improved the App and you may now install the new applicationPlease carefully follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings in the OAC App and scroll to the end:

2. Click on [Unpair the bracelet].

Make sure that the bracelet succesfully unpairs.

3. Got to Bluetooth Settings on your mobile phone: 

4. Click on the icon and [Unpair] the bracelet.

5. Install the new Corsano Preventicus app on your phone:

Smart in OAC on the AppStore

Smart in OAC on Google Play

6. After you have installed the app, please press on the [Open] button or start the app from your home screen.

7. If asked, register with your Voucher and Password. If you forget your Voucher or Password, contact AFNET.

8. Pair the bracelet.

9. Start using the App.