Medical Device

Corsano is a MedTech company and our goal is to improve the medical care of heart diseases. We design a medically certified product with reliable continuous measuring functions to detect and monitor heart diseases. In case you are interested to use the Corsano CardioWatch for a clinical trial or as a diagnostic tool, you can contact us. The reason for primarily marketing to medical professionals is because patients with atrial fibrillation frequently don’t experience any symptoms nor negative consequences. By keeping it as a medical device, you prevent these patients from having unnecessary stress and redundant medication.

Our solution for a medical device consists of several components, that are all important to achieve improved medical care and prevention.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Validated and reliable data
  • Patient friendly
  • Device hub

Device Hub

We also enable a direct connection to the Hospital IT System with our partner Leitwert. The device hub enables CRO’s to continuously monitor the vital signs of trial participants. It automates the capturing of parameters from any device and monitors data quality in real time. Thereby, researchers can conduct efficient and long-term clinical trials based on Real World Data to validate medical devices, develop conventional and digital treatments and objectify outcomes.